Confessions of a Floss Licker

Monday, February 16, 2009

Something to be excited about - part 2

This is my Ink Spot.
Ink Spot #1

If you're interested in the Yahoo group search for "InkCirclesSALs" and click "Join this Group". It's been lovely to get the newest parts for BoInk from the group when sometimes the website is too crowded. Plus all the progress pics of everyone's BoInk's is wonderful!

New stuff to be excited about:
Model stitching - over the weekend I was able to hit a milestone in the model that I'm stitching! Of course I can't give specific details away, let's just say there are 6 creatures and a saying. I finished the 4th creature yesterday. There are 2 creatures and 6 words left to go. Think I can finish in 6 weeks? Yes, my deadline is the beginning of April. I'm putting most of my other projects on hold, for the most part, until I get this finished. Which means I put most of my time in on this project and when I get a certain amount completed and need a break I switch to something else.

New project - the "new guy" had asked me if I would stitch something for him. I asked him what he was interested in and he said tall ships. So I did a little research and found the booklet of 4 ships by Stoney Creek. I'll be checking the lns for it next weekend. Then I showed him the Subversive Cross Stitch book. He had a good chuckle and picked one out! I got home last night and kitted it up right away. Thank goodness for small cuts of fabric and plenty of DMC! lol I changed up a few of the colors but I think it's going to look great.

Bookmark - I'm on my second bookmark for Literacy. This one is a very simple dragonfly design with no border. I'm stitching it on fabric and finishing it myself and I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do that. I guess I'll figure it out when I get done with the dragonflies.

And speaking of bookmarks, there's a contest at Nordic Needle to design your own bookmark. I think I'm going to hop onto that bandwagon. I've got a couple of ideas brewing. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something to be excited about!

Tracy of Ink Circles released a freebie to the members of her Yahoo Group. It's called Ink Spot #1. She said she gave it to us as a somewhat "sample" to work before getting started on her new design "Growth Rings" which was featured in the Mar/Apr issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine.

As soon as I saw a picture of "Growth Rings" I knew I wanted to stitch it. But I wasn't thrilled with the earthy colors that were used. (Brown/tan, peach/orange/yellow, green was what I saw in the pic.) I immediately thought "dramatic" and wanted to use red and black. I also thought of where I would hang it in my house and thought blues and greens.

Then Tracy offered the Ink Spot freebie. I've started stitching it in red and black and it looks terrific! Now I get to look through my stash to find the blues and greens that I want to try out.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

February update

I'm doing really well on the model that I'm working on. Let's see, I'm more than half done with it. I guess I could say I'm nearly 2/3 done with it. I need at least one or two more days to be definitely 2/3 done with it.

I've also been working on the latest round robin piece, How Does Your Garden Grow and Book of Ink Circles.

I just finished a bookmark for Literacy. I'm hoping to complete one a month until it's time to send - the 1st of May. We'll see how well that goes but I'm going to try. It's a really good cause and not a lot of stitching! I'm going to be taking the patterns out of my new medieval blackwork book and probably using silks. I love using silk!

Anyway, I want to get the model done so I can get some work done for myself. I want to have something to enter into the fairs this year. I think it's important to keep the categories active in local and state fairs - it's important for others to see. I'm hoping to have at least 3 - 1 for each event. (I have a City, County, and State available to me.) If I get two done minimum I already have one to enter. I'm going to use the Sampler-ette that I finished last year. I'm hoping for How Does Your Garden Grow as well. Whatever else I'm probably going to have to pick up out of the WIP pile.