Confessions of a Floss Licker

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been RAK'd!

I have been sent more than one Random Act of Kindness. Jillbeartoo sent me the next set of letters that I wanted from the M Designs Alphabet series. (Celtic knots) She sent the I/J set of which I wanted the J to make for my Mother. I want to do it in her favorite color (orange) and I've chosen Phoenix Rising by Thread Gatherer (silk 'n colors). Now I have to decide what color fabric I want to stitch it on. I have an abundance of white fabric but wouldn't it be striking on black? What goes with orange?

My second Random Act of Kindness came from Mtrl Girl. She sent a Victoria Sampler learning kit (I love those!) and my very first skein of Stranded by the Sea. After a very challenging weekend it sure put a smile on my tired face to see what was in my mailbox.

Thanks to two wonderful/generous ladies!

Making progress

Last night I finished "row 1" on the new model. I was happy to have the time since I had already cooked dinner, talked on the phone with 3 people, and been on the computer. (Tonight I have to see about getting a car smogged and loading my camera driver onto the new laptop so I can download the pictures off my camera.)

The crochet projects have taken a back seat to the models.

I'm still working on the contest piece although I think I'm going to run out of silk before I'm finished. I need to order another skein just in case but I don't recall if the shop I want to order from (Needle in a Haystack) has a limit as to the minimum order they will take. It won't be a hardship to order more, it's just that (1) I'm on a project challenge and have bought very little for a long time now and (2) I'd rather go to the store and pick it up myself. But my schedule has been so busy that I don't have time to make the trip. Makes being on the challenge much easier!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Working on...

I actually did some work on the baby blanket over the weekend. I had time on Friday and Saturday to get a few more stitches done. I think I turned a row.

Still on:

Model #2 (Still waiting on instructions for Model #1. The designer is moving and doesn't have the time. Totally understandable.)

Baby blanket

Blue blanket

contest piece

Again, this week I'll be going to faire. I will take my basket again (blankets) but don't know how much time I'll actually spend working on anything.