Confessions of a Floss Licker

Thursday, November 05, 2009

October Stitching

I got a reasonable amount of time to stitch during October. For most of the month I was concentrating on making my ornament for the TW Christmas ornament exchange. I also started something new. It was a fairly small design for Halloween. I picked up a silk called "All Hallows Eve" the last time I was at the lns and it was killing me not to use it! So I found an appropriate (to my thought) design to use it and I rather like how it turned out. I stitched "By the Light of the Moon" by The Primitive Needle. I picked a piece of sparkly fabric that I got in a grab bag at the lns, and I used a combination of silk and cotton.

And now, to get back to my mostly regular rotation. Which means, I need to create it again. So, first and foremost, I'm bringing TW's Castle Sampler out of the UFO pile and am determined to finish it. The second slot will be my Papillon Creations Castles in the Air. Third slot is last year's Advent Kalendar from Chatelaine. Fourth slot will be Rose Arbor from Mirabilia, and the Fifth slot will be a Christmas ornament that has already been started.

A Tribute to Teresa Wentzler

I found out a day or two ago that my favorite cross stitch designer is closing her business and will no longer be churning out incredible cross stitch designs. I can only say that I'm heartbroken.
I taught myself to stitch around the time I turned 16. I didn't get passionate about my new hobby until I found TW's designs. I first saw Castle and bought the chart without thinking. It wasn't until 1998 (when I finally had access to the internet) when I put Fantasy Tryptych, Castle Sampler, and Castle together to find out they were from the same designer. I looked her name up (one of my first things to do ever on the internet) to see if she had a website. Not only did she have one but she also had a bulletin board which I joined immediately! I'm happy to say that through the TW website and bulletin board that I made some good (stitching) friends that I've now kept for years. I was also fortunate to meet Teresa at a CATS show. That is one thing I will never forget.

So Thank You Teresa for your fabulous designs. My life would be less colorful without them. I have only finished 6 of them, but I have a lot more started and plan to see them through to framing so I can hang them on my walls.

I wish you luck in your future endeavors and please know that your true fans will be here forever. (If you so choose to ever create some designs for us again.)