Confessions of a Floss Licker

Monday, January 22, 2007


I got some bad news on Wednesday and some worse news on Thursday night, so I did no stitching on Thursday or Friday. (The party went well on Friday night.) I stitched a little on Saturday and I got a few hours in on Sunday. Most of the stitching time went into the model but a little went into Fairytale bookmark. It's one of my projects in the 50 project challenge so I was pretty happy to get some work in on it. I think that will be my pick-up project for when I need to put down the model.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Two new finishes for this month and a partial:

I finished knitting the scarf for my sister for her birthday.
I finished stitching the Dragon Dreams 2003 Valentine Dragon.
I finished stitching page 2 of Model #3 and am quite a ways into page 3.
(Note to self: must take pictures!)

I am continuing with my plan to stitch every day if possible. I'm having a party this friday so I doubt I'll be stitching that day, but plan to pick it up the next. My daughter is going to be away from home and I have no plans to go anywhere.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stitching and Shopping!

I'm getting closer to my goal of stitching regularly. Since my last post on Tuesday I stitched except for Thursday which I had to attend an e-meeting. I skipped Saturday because I left town to attend a birthday party (with the new guy I'm seeing) and stay overnight with my Sissie. When I came home on Sunday I stitched and have stitched every night since then. I may not be getting mega-hours of stitching done but I'm making progress. (I am a day or two away from finishing page 2 on Model #3!) My daughter is going to be home this weekend so I have no plans to go out - other than Mom's taxi service running. So that should leave plenty of time for stitching.

Now for the shopping portion. On Saturday I said that I left town, basically to kill two birds with one stone. Well, make that 3. Before heading to my Sissie's to visit (and the birthday party shortly thereafter) I went to Needle in a Haystack. I hadn't been there in months and I was still hoping somehow to get my 2006 JCS ornament issue. Wasn't I surprised and thrilled to see that YES! they actually still had a couple of copies. So here was my haul:
  • 2006 JCS ornament issue
  • Disney Tinkerbell kit (for my daughter)
  • Disney Princess Jasmine kit (also for my daughter)
  • 2 small cuts of blue (light/dark) fabric
  • 2 packs of needles, one gold and one platinum
  • 3 cards of Rainbow Gallery silk for Enchanting Lair's Wine Queen
  • a new pair of Dovo's - the cut outs on the handle look like the silhouette of Mickey Mouse!

The magazine is one of the exceptions in my 50 Project Challenge. So are the silks for Wine Queen as I have recently added her to the 50 Project Challenge. I've already got the fabric for her, just needed the silks and I have a couple more colors to get. But she's not slated to be started immediately so I have time to acquire the rest.

And yes, I know I just got a pair of scissors just before Christmas (which I was good and had my daughter wrap up for me so I had to wait to have them). Those were the Ginghers Designer's Series, the blue retro/swirl handled scissors. But they were so pretty I couldn't pass them up - and I had a 40% off coupon! And how could I pass up those Dovo's? I'm always looking for something unique but they combined my love of stitching and Mickey Mouse! Ok, when I have more scissors than how old I am I will go on the wagon to not buy scissors. (heh heh, that gives me a lot of leeway!) lol

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Progress Made

Over the holidays I had 10 days off work. I did manage to use that time to do some cross stitching. I worked on Model #3 (sampler). It was a little difficult because I use magnifiers (glasses) to work on this one. It's on 40 ct fabric and is just like stitching over 1. Anyway, it was difficult because I've been ill with a nasty head cold/allergies for about a month now and my sinuses have been killing me. (As some know very well, it's hard to wear glasses for long when your sinuses hurt.)

So when I needed a break from the small work I managed to pick up Rose Arbor again. She's getting real close to being done. I'll be very excited when I've finished all the stitching on her skirt. I've nearly got the metallic work done which then leaves the beading.

I've been very good in sticking to the challenge. The only thing I've purchased in the last month in regards to cross stitch has been a new pair of scissors. (And that should be part of the challenge too! But it's not. hehehe)