Confessions of a Floss Licker

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Stitch from Stash

Month: May
Spent:  $0
Earned: $0
I'm trying to recall if I have done any shopping.  I know I have looked and intended to buy but I don't believe I've actually bought anything.
Stitching-wise, I finished the model!  I'm thrilled that it's on its way back to the designer.  I'm now enjoying my time rotating through a couple of different designs.  One is another model I've received.  This one is patriotic and great timing for the coming Memorial Day and 4th of July.  I'm hoping I'll be finished with it by then but who knows.  I'm doing well and not in a panic to finish it just yet.  Another one I'm working on is a gift.  It's for a friend who will know where it comes from and appreciate it.  The last two that I have in mind are my Mickey and Minnie balloon ride (it's in stained glass format) and Cypress Trees by Van Gogh.  Years ago, there was an emphasis on putting art in the facility where I work.  I plan on bringing that back by putting famous art (recreated by me) into my office.
As for any shopping plans, I have found a few things on Etsy that I want to get.  One of them is inexpensive and bogo, the other costs a little more and it's buy three get one.  These are the Disney by Kincaid paintings.  I really want the Tangled one that shows Rapunzel and Flynn in the boat with all the floating lights around them, with both the tower and castle in the background.  I also want the Princess and the Frog one and Beauty and the Beast.  (I already have Snow White.)  However, which would I get for free?  The side view of Sleeping Beauty's castle (Disneyland, however somewhat of a cartoon version) or the Aristocats?  Lady and the Tramp?  Not to mention that these are not small designs.  These are very much like HAED's.  I don't know that I would ever get them all stitched!  Which is why I'm abstaining from buying them all.  (Plus I was waiting for my paycheck and to see what is left after paying bills.  Maybe, if I can stand it, I'll push this off for 2 more paychecks so I can see what my merit increase is going to be and use that??)  The only other thing that I'll maybe succumb to is the DMC sale at Joann's during Memorial Day weekend.  They will be on sale 3/$.99.  (I remember when they would be on sale for 6/$.99!)  I am forever short on a few colors, no matter what design I try to kit up.  However, I'm pretty good at sticking to a budget of $5 when I buy floss.  That adventure will be on next month's blog.  Happy Stitching!