Confessions of a Floss Licker

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 2013

I'm sorry I skipped September. I was in a frenzy to get the model done and returned. I did manage to do that toward the end of the month. (The payment for that is going to pay for two new tires for my truck. And boy do I need them!) I was working on little else for most of the month of September. So much so that I didn't choose a UFO to work on. I barely worked on my HAED too. I think I picked it up maybe once or twice all month. On the crochet front - I put the tunic down. I'm not getting what I want pattern-wise and when I feel like that it's hard to concentrate. I also don't have the time to try to design something myself. Lots of trial and error there too. The weather turned cooler just before the last weekend of the month so I was able to pick up the ruana again. I changed my mind on the scalloped border and just came up with something that was straight. I finished it and gave it to the friend I was making it for. She was so impressed that she gave me money to buy more tunisian crochet hooks. I finished the chevron bag and think it looks great. I still have to felt it though. I was making a yarn bag while I was at faire and I finished the stitching part. I need to felt that too. And last but not least, I found an easy pattern for a baby sweater. I found a neat yarn on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It's a nice light green with flecks of pink, blue, yellow, and white in it. I am doing well on this pattern and only need to stitch the second sleeve, connect everything and maybe put on a button or two. While waiting for the next model to arrive I've been working on a couple of new things. "Where's Spooky?" is from the most recent JCS Halloween issue. It's a set of three panels where a kitty slowly pops into the frame. Very cute. Then I started the "pirate" apron. My husband will be cooking for a chili cook-off and the booth will be pirate themed so I thought it appropriate. It's a Sue Hillis design with a skull in a Chef's hat. The crossed "bones" are a spoon/spatula and brush and the words "Burnt to perfection". It included a little bbq charm as well. I finished stitching it on some gray fabric and am now attaching it to the apron. I have a week to get it finished before he'll need it. My new UFO coinsides with TW October. I pulled out Rose Tree Wool Cross. It's been sitting since 2002 so I thought it should finally get some work. I'd love to finish it because it'll become a pillow. However, I had not done so much so there is a lot to do. I think much more than I can complete in a month. In addition to that I think something was eating my wool! I found loose stitches and even the wool falling apart on parts of what I had done. I had to go in and take some out and tuck in the ends so it wouldn't unravel any further. Hopefully all those repairs are done and I can just move forward now. I'm making good progress this week. On a personal note, I won tickets to Disneyland! The radio station was having a contest and they called my name. Luckily I was listening! I can't go get them just yet as I'm in the running for their Grand Prize which is tickets including hotel room. Once I get them we can plan when we are going to go. (Although, of course, I already have an idea of the best time for us to make a trip.) Which leads me to this - most of my rotation is going to get halted for the duration of the new model that is coming. If I can get this one out in 6 weeks or less (very possible as it's slightly larger than another design that I did for her in 6 weeks) then I'll be able to use the payment for this in Disneyland. (It's dumb but I really want one of those expensive purses from Dooney & Bourke. And since this money is never budgeted to pay bills it's the only way I can afford it. And if I'm super lucky I'll get a Christmas bonus again. That will go with us as well.) I'm just really looking forward to this trip. I'm a big Disney fan and I love going to Disneyland and I haven't been able to go since they opened cars land. I want my daughter and granddaughter to be able to go too!