Confessions of a Floss Licker

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 2013

Happy New Year to all! My stitching is moving right along. There was much too much work (and Christmas gifts needed) to be able to get model #1 finished before Christmas. I will be finishing it tonight and sending it back to the designer tomorrow. Just in time for the Nashville Market! Don't know if that's what she'll do but it would be awesome if she did! As you might have guessed, I picked up another model. It's from a new designer, and by new I mean someone new to cross stitch. I hope her designs sell well and she likes my work enough to keep me on for a while. Not that I'm not happy with the other designers I've worked for. It doesn't hurt to make sure one has work coming in. My Emerald Mermaid is almost done. I can't remember when I started her, but I know she's been "in the works" for a while. Hopefully I'll have a "finished" photo before the end of next month. The consignment job is almost done as well. It's taken me two years or better to get this one done. However, I put it down a lot to get model stitching in as I needed it for the wedding. Now that that's over I should be able to keep things on a more even keel. Most yarn projects have been put on hold as I finish up these models. I should be able to pick them up again in another week or so. That's it for now.