Confessions of a Floss Licker

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 2012

I way, way underestimated the time it was going to take me to finish the model. Plus I was counting on a whole weekend at home (where I can stitch for 10-12 hours a day) to get ahead of the game. So here it is the 12th of June and I still have a whole band (and then some) to finish. To add to this I was running out of floss. I'm very conservative when it comes to floss, especially someone else's floss. But there's still a lot of stitching to do. So I had more sent to me in the mail. I'm now kicking this into high gear so I can get it finished. I only have 4 more months to work on models before the end of my year (the rest is wedding/honeymoon/Christmas). Not sure how much I want to pick up next year, but if this unemployment thing (him) continues I think I'm going to have to keep going just to have money to live on! Ugh! Every time I pick up Around the World I sit there and stare at it and don't know where to start. It's ridiculous because I like doing specialty stitches. I just feel overwhelmed when I look at it. So I cut a piece of fabric (aida) so I can start the cross stitch version. Been too busy to see if that will work any better for me. I'm going to use the same colors (that's the idea so far but I've seen the "blue" version and it's beautiful!) unless I get some time to actually think about it. But just to clarify, there's really been no progress on the first one beyond frogging out the heart and restitching it because I was off on my count. I have not picked up my Snowball Fight since the last time I posted either. :( I do however, have a new project that I'm just a little excited about. I'm trying to get myself a tablet (again, for clarification purposes, it's a mini-computer that's about the size of a book) for the wedding. It's going to hold all the music that we will play and ONLY the music that we want to play. (Don't need any snooping relatives (either side) or friends getting into my laptop and going "oh look, Led Zeppelin" or anything like that.) And we can use the hotel's wifi to check email. We will also be able to download pics from the rehearsal and wedding onto the tablet too. Then take it on our honeymoon and use it for the same purposes. (It doesn't help that we're one laptop shy at home right now.) Anyway, in anticipation of getting the tablet I've purchased a soft case that I can stitch on the cover. Right now it's set up for needlepoint and it has a coffee theme. I thought that I might be able to make a Mickey Mouse themed top with a graphic on the internet and the cross stitch software that I have on my laptop. I'm pretty sure I will be successful. I've already transferred about 4-5 different Mickey Mouse silhouettes into a cross stitch pattern. I'm working on the multi-silhouette one because I think that one might work out the best. Once I get the pattern set then I have to decide which one I want to stitch and in what colors. So basically this one is presenting a bit of a challenge and I'm enjoying the process so far.