Confessions of a Floss Licker

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 2011

Challenge #1 - Old WIPs has been shelved. At this point I know nothing else will get done on this for the rest of this year. As I only finished 1 old WIP in 2011 I will make it a goal for 2012.
Challenge #2 - ornaments - this one too has been shelved. I will not get any of these done for the rest of the year either. I will most likely try to pick this one up again next year as well.
Rotation - this too has been shelved. I have done a lot of work on Blue Dragon Fairy to say I put in a good effort this year. I still try to pick up Harbor Vista once every two weeks or so. View was going to wait until Harbor was done anyway.

Model stitching - I finished all 3 parts that was my last job. Then she sent me another one. This one is quite a bit larger and will take longer to finish.

Crochet - this is going well and fairly quickly. I'm able to finish at least one coaster per day. I need 4 more to make my minimum. Then I need 4 more washcloths, 2 hats, 2 scarves, and 2 pair of fingerless gloves. I'm also hoping to get at least 1 amigurumi done too. Blanket #2 is finished and blankets #1, & #3 are on hold as they take a long time to finish. All the coasters made up to last weekend have been felted. If I can finish the last 4 I need I will get them all felted this weekend.

I also found the cutest pattern for turkey coasters! I made two (they're somewhat more involved than the peppermint candies) and I decided that they needed two pumpkins to make the set. The turkeys are acrylic but the pumpkins are wool. Don't know if I want to felt the pumpkins yet or not.