Confessions of a Floss Licker

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 2011

Challenge #1 (finish old WIPs) - I picked up Castle Sampler as my old WIP but Emerald Mermaid was calling to me. I had much less work to do to have a finish so put Castle Sampler back. Her body and the seaweed below her are completely finished, except for a little backstitch on one arm. I need to finish her hair, her tail, and the seaweed above her body. Still a bit of work to do. However, I managed to get quite a bit of beading done around her head. She looks really good!

Challenge #2 (ornaments) - I'm working on an Ink Spot to make into an ornament.

Blue Dragon Fairy - I've slowed down on this one but still pick it up regularly. LOTS of work yet to do.
Harbor Vista - I'm still on page two but I'm closing on at least half the page completed. I hope to have page two completed and start on page three in August.
View from the Veranda - I've barely started on this one. It's taking a back seat until Harbor Vista is done.
Emerald Mermaid - She is coming along rather well as I said above.

Lots of crocheting baby items this month and probably will continue. I'm striving to split my time between cross stitch and crocheting.