Confessions of a Floss Licker

Thursday, December 04, 2008

November progress/December goals

I stitched something like 26 days out of 30 in November. Although I only put in 17.75 hours in on the model. My goal was 30 hours (one hour per day). All the weekend activity really cut into my stitching time. Not to mention the fact that I started knitting a scarf and that's cutting into stitching time as well. (Even though it is a form of needlework.)

December goals:
I would still like to get an hour a day on the model and I'm already behind! But there's a stitching get together on Saturday and I plan on taking it with me. Hopefully I can catch up. There are no other gifts planned to be finished for this year and I've already sent out the one ornament that I needed for the exchange. I have 3 parts left to stitch on How Does Your Garden Grow and many more on my Book of Ink Circles. Of course, both of those will go along with me as well. Of course, I also have my UFO RR piece that needs to be stitched on this weekend before I send it back out again on Monday.
And that is the bare minimum that I'm trying to reach this month.