Confessions of a Floss Licker

Friday, August 22, 2008

WIP's - aka Works in Progress

Wow, I must have finished more than I thought! At one time I could have sworn that I had at least 50 projects if not more, started. Tonight I was curious enough to go to the places where I keep my stitching and take an inventory on just what exactly I've got started. At least, what I intend to finish. And here we go:

Castle Ridge - Teresa Wentzler - finished 9/30/08
2nd Day Christmas ornament - TW
How Does Your Garden Grow - Papillon Creations
Book of Ink Circles Celtic Mystery - Ink Circles
A Sampler-ette - Eventide Designs - finished 9/4/08
Model - X's & Oh's
Carnation Mystery Sampler - Wiehenburg
Futurecast - TW - finished 10/17/08
Rose Tree Wool Cross - TW
Kaleidoscope Hearts - Sweetheart Tree
French Heart design
Christmas Mystery 2003 - Pam Kellogg
A Bountiful Harvest - Pam Kellogg
Snowflake ornament - JCS Dec. '97
Realm of Wishes - Enchanting Lair
Fairies in Shoeland - Stitch World
Hedgehog - Countryside Miniatures
A Tug of Flowers - Needle & Frame
Celtic Hearts Scissors Keep - Stitcher's World Mar '05
Castle Sampler - TW
Celtic Inspiration Band Sampler - TW
Emerald Mermaid - Mirabilia
Rose Arbor - Mirabilia
Medieval Tiles - Dracolair
Dragon Rampant - TW
Rhodes Butterfly Fob - Sweetheart Tree
Violets - Silver Lining
Fairies - Needle Magic
Bacchus Bear - Vermillion
Bay Area TW RR
Egyptian Sampler - TW
Stretch - TW
Snowball Fight - Dragon Dreams
Mary Queen of Scots bookmark - Textile Heritage
Fairytale bookmark - Textile Heritage

That makes 36. Like I said above, I must have finished more than I thought as I could have sworn that I had started at least 50. Or maybe that's how many projects to stitch I could think of off the top of my head. Now that I think about it, I seem to remember a time about a year or year and a half ago that I cleaned up my stash a bit and reclaimed some fabric from projects I knew I wasn't going to work on any time soon. That and getting in a few finishes would probably be why this number is so low.

Since I was taking inventory (of a sort) I decided to log the following to keep an idea of what I have in my stash.

Kits or Kitted Projects:
Dear Santa - JBW
Baseball - JBW
Garden Wisdom - JBW
Hardanger (kit) - Kraftie Kits
Japanese Quilting Sashiko - Needle & Frame
Wine a bit - Sue Hillis
Medieval Herb Garden bookmark (kit) - Textile Heritage
Whitework Ornament - TW
Enchanter (kit) - TW
Guardian (kit) - TW
Lorri's Needlecase (kit) - Lorri Birmingham
One Who Plants A Garden (kit) - Lorri Birmingham
Sweetheart tin cover (kit) - Lorri Birmingham
Celtic card (kit) - Musgrave designs

And a list of partially kitted projects:
Winter Garden Sampler - Victoria Sampler
A Mother's Heart Sampler - Victoria Sampler
Hope Tree Ornament - M Designs
Love Tree Ornament - M Designs
Butterfly Fairy - Mirabilia
Enchanted Mermaid - Mirabilia
All You Need Is Love - The Drawn Thread
Mystic - Enchanting Lair
Wine Queen - Enchanting Lair
July Sings - Bent Creek
Thanksgiving Medley - Heart in Hand
Queen Mary's Garden - Liz Turner Diehl
Treasured Trio - Sweetheart Tree
Grape Gatherer - Solaria
Dragon by the Fire stocking - Black Swan

Well, that's a good enough start. I have an idea that the charts would take me forever to catalog and sort. Ah, that can wait for another time - preferrably when I have money so that I can pay the kids to do it! lol

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update 8-20-08

It's been a busy couple of months. I had 3 Renaissance Faires/Highland Games within a 4 week time period which means no stitching for at least 4 days each time. The last one was a whole week! There's been birthdays and wedding receptions, visits with friends, my daughter starting her senior year in high school, and car repairs. I was also found by a friend from high school that I haven't seen in over 20 years. Wow!

And yet, I've been doing my best to find time to stitch out of all this, between it, despite it all - whatever. So here are my updates.

Castle Ridge - stitching this for my sister. I would say it's about 95% done. At this point it's all confetti and backstitch. I don't mind the backstitch, it's the confetti that's driving me nuts. (N V T S - nuts!) I need to make myself pick it up at least once a week to finally get it finished.

Book of Ink Circles - last night I finished part 3 or the May 27 square. Yes, I'm a little behind but I think it's going to stay that way.

How Does Your Garden Grow - I finished part 7 and started part 8. Something is off and I need to go in another direction on this one in order to find out if I need to frog or if I can just fudge it.

A Sampler-ette - I'm loving this little sampler! I started it last week while sitting in the hospital waiting to see my daughter's boyfriend. (Car accident)

Carnation Sampler - This thing is huge! And only two colors. There's lots to stitch and it's going very slowly.

TW Days of Christmas ornaments - nothing has been done on this since last month. I'm having a hard time getting excited about this even though I WANT to stitch them. They will all get done eventually.

New Things:
Model - I said I wasn't going to accept a model for a while, well, I was wrong. This one is from X's and Oh's and is fairly large though not solid stitching. It's going to take me some time to do so I will be reporting on this for months.

Contest - There's a contest through Country Woman magazine for original cross stitch designs on any medium you can come up with. I've been thinking about a drawing I did as a teenager and I'm working it out to see if it's something that can be adapted to cross stitch. I've got it started and have some ideas on what else I want to do with it. I have until (I think) the end of September to get it entered. First prize is $300. That would come in handy.

Autumn Pinkeep - I thought I knew what I wanted to stitch and then I changed my mind. I may be using part of the design for the contest (above) if it turns out like I want it to. But I have to design it first. The mailing date for this is the same as the contest so I have some time to work on this. I think I found the backing fabric that I want to use regardless of which design I choose to stitch, just need to pick that up from the store.

And that's what I've got going on right now.