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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Progress Made

Over the holidays I had 10 days off work. I did manage to use that time to do some cross stitching. I worked on Model #3 (sampler). It was a little difficult because I use magnifiers (glasses) to work on this one. It's on 40 ct fabric and is just like stitching over 1. Anyway, it was difficult because I've been ill with a nasty head cold/allergies for about a month now and my sinuses have been killing me. (As some know very well, it's hard to wear glasses for long when your sinuses hurt.)

So when I needed a break from the small work I managed to pick up Rose Arbor again. She's getting real close to being done. I'll be very excited when I've finished all the stitching on her skirt. I've nearly got the metallic work done which then leaves the beading.

I've been very good in sticking to the challenge. The only thing I've purchased in the last month in regards to cross stitch has been a new pair of scissors. (And that should be part of the challenge too! But it's not. hehehe)


  • Congrats on all of that stitching progress! I hope your sinuses get better soon.

    I hate this time of year - it's so hard to go back to work after the holiday time off.

    By Blogger Suz, at 7:40 AM  

  • Hope your feeling are so right about glasses and sinuses!!! Ouch!

    Oooohhhh sounds like Rose isn't far from the finish line! Can't wait to see her, I'll bet she's stunning.

    By Blogger Sandy, at 9:52 PM  

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