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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The 50 Project Challenge update

As of last night I finished #3 in the 50 Project Challenge. So far so good, three projects in a month. If I keep finishing 3 projects per month then I will be going on a BIG shopping spree in January of 2008! However, I'm not going to be able to keep that pace as the next couple of projects that I will be working on are quite larger pieces. I'm going to have to wait and see how my stitching time goes. Winter is coming on and theoretically I will have more stitching time because I will spend rainy weekends in the house stitching. However, I have been spending time the last couple of months with a guy that I'm becoming rather fond of. If this continues it's going to cut into my stitching time a bit. Again, it's going to be wait and see.

I'm going to be traveling soon and will be taking a couple of projects with me. (Can't be totally without any projects to work on even if I find I don't have time to work on them.) I'm hoping to at least get in a little stitching time here and there.

Progress: I stitched one more motif in Model #1. I've been taking a break on that one while waiting for the designer to give me instructions. However, there are some things I can do and I really do want to get this done. So I've picked it up once again and counted my way through to the next motif. This helps a lot because I've got two more in this band to do. I'm thinking about skipping to the next band because the next motif looks pretty easy. I think I can get a lot done, it's just picking it up with everything else I have to do. (to get ready for this trip)


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