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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A New Finish!

Last night I finished the project I was working on for my parent's 50th anniversary. I stitched Golden Hearts by JBW. I used the silk and beads that it called for though I think I substituted the metallic. I did make one last minute change. The chart calls for a "Happy Anniversary" at the bottom. I changed it to the top and put "50 Years" at the bottom. I stitched their names on the left and the years (1956 2006) on the right. I think it looks really good, I'm glad I was able to personalize it. Tonight when I get home from work I will check out the frames that I have handy to see if one of them will work out for this piece. If not, then I'm headed to the fabric store to get some matching fabric to make it a soft wall hanging. Their anniversary is Saturday and this will be done well ahead of time instead of the last time I made something I was putting in the last bead at 2:30 am that day.

Edited to add pic - and note that I obviously framed it and didn't have to go to the fabric store. I think it looks pretty good as is.

As for the rest of my stitching - it's been pretty much put on hold due to the deadline stuff. I have 3 more weeks to get the 21st birthday present done. I don't think I'll be matting this one so that will make it easier to frame (and cheaper).
The model has been put on hold due to having to frog a bunch of stitches that I don't like to do in the first place. (I hate lazy daisy's.) Starting tonight I will make myself put in a couple of stitches to the model so I at least have some daily progress. (Note to self: Must contact designer soon.)
Emerald Mermaid - have started putting in beads and she looks terrific! But she has also been put aside for the deadline stuff.
I have new progress pics but still need to get them into my webshots album. Maybe tonight...


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