Confessions of a Floss Licker

Monday, March 20, 2006

A milestone has been reached...

Last night I finished the inside/castle border on Castle Sampler! I was tired and didn't feel much like doing anything, but I picked up my stitching anyway. I guess it was a good thing I did. :) Of course, I still need to do the backstitching around said border, but the cross stitch part is finished. I think I have more of the "sky" to finish before I can finish the backstitch on the inside of the border and I have all the viney stuff to do before I can backstitch the outside of that border.

So my goal has been met and now I need to set another rather than just jumping around this one the way I do. I've got to think about this one.

I picked up futurecast as well and put in some of the specialty stitches but it didn't hold my attention long.

Last but not least, I put a length of thread into Rose Arbor. I'm getting so close to getting her finished! But I need to find her beads. They're not in the project bag so I'm going to have to dig those out soon.

And that's it for the current state of stitching!