Confessions of a Floss Licker

Monday, January 30, 2006

Catching up...

Since the last time I posted I found my motivation. :) I'm not sure where it was hiding, but it snuck up on me.

I finished my Dad's ornament and a sewed a few more but didn't get to finishing many. (Motivation was still gone at that point.)

Guilt Free January
I started three new projects and have two more waiting to be started. I started Saturday's Sampler by Lavender Wings, a Celtic Knot bookmark from a magazine and Violet Sect from the Silver Lining. The two waiting to be started are a pulled thread piece by Needle and Frame and letter M by M Designs.

Saturday's Sampler got finished last week. (Yay!) I was waiting to use the q-snaps from that project for the Needle and Frame piece. I was also waiting to start letter M to replace letter B that I'm almost finished with. If I concentrate on it I think I can get it done before January is over so I can still count M into Guilt Free January and have two finishes in one month. I'm changing the Celtic knot bookmark. I'm stitching the knot part then making it into a pin to put on my tam for faire. If it turns out well, I may make a few more to hand out to friends. If I'm really ambitious I might try to design a celtic knot turtle. :)

I've picked up Castle Sampler a few times and is getting more work done than sitting in the stash/wip pile. You can't see a huge difference, but I am slowly making progress.

Emerald Mermaid is on the back burner for a while though I do pick her up at least once a month.

I've been doing some work on my Christmas Mystery (from 2003). I pick that up maybe once a week.

I've pulled Rose Arbor out of the wip pile and started working on her again. Last night I made a significant change to her.

I've decided to keep to a rotation so as to work on just about everything that I mentioned above. I'll keep you informed on how it goes.