Confessions of a Floss Licker

Friday, December 09, 2005

Lost motivation

Yes, the title says it all. I've lost my motivation since I finished the model I was working on. Has anyone found it yet? You know, I work better with a deadline, that's why models are so great. (And the fact that I get paid for them.) So when I'm stitching for myself and I have no deadline I seem to flounder a bit.

At CATS-Santa Clara in October I took this mini-class that included this handy-dandy mini frame for projects. It is terrific for little stuff that you don't want to stitch in-hand. I took off a project that I wasn't thrilled with (a Christmas ornament) and started something new. (Actually, another Christmas ornament - 2005 JCS ornament issue.) Well, I finished it in two nights. Yay me! It was really simple and it turned out cute. I plan to give it to a friend for Christmas. It's kind of a memorial piece - it's a kitty and a tree. I was told that this friend's kitty wasn't doing too well and I'm afraid we're going to lose him before the holidays. It will be absolutely devastating for the owner. That's why I made the ornament. Now I just need to do the sewing to finish it.

I also need to finish an ornament for my dad. There are 3 things that he likes. One is seahorses, and I got him something with that for Christmas. One is phoenix's and that's the ornament I made - from Dragon Dreams and the other is working outside with plants/in the garden. My folks are not easy to buy for so trying to find stuff is hard.

So that's it for my stitching report. I haven't put a stitch into Castle Sampler for at least a week. But now is the time to work on Christmas ornaments. I have a few that I finished stitching last year that I need to sew into ornaments. Maybe if I can get a couple more done then I'll sew them all at once?