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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

May 2010

Cross Stitch - I finished a bookmark and worked on M Designs letter J.
Knitting - crochet hook holder. I'm using wool and will be felting this project.
Crochet - I started 3 crazy hats!

DF and I went to Maker Faire and I spent most of the weekend teaching people (male and female, young and old) how to crochet. Seeing their excitement gave me this great motivation. Not to mention the fact that DF and I pooled our $$ and bought me this really silly hat that actually looks kinda good on me. He found one that he liked and I said I'd try to make him one. When I started looking for more "crazy hat" patterns I found few "crazy hats" but so many other patterns. Now, at this point I think I should say that I've never tried to make anything before about a month ago. The only things I've done were scarves and blankets. My daughter's top was the first I dared try and the hats are going so well! Also note, my daughter has yet to try her top to see if it even fits. (roll eyes here)


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