Confessions of a Floss Licker

Friday, June 19, 2009

June Update Part II

I went to Needle in a Haystack on Sunday. I got the French grape monogram book. Yay! Even better, it was an older copy marked at only $25.00. I got the beads to continue Castles in the Air. I got two packs of needles (one pack of beading needles that I'm continuously losing!) and a new nail file. The last thing I got was a skein of Silk N Colors - Camouflage for the new Ink Circles Brambles and the Rose. The sheen of the silk will give the two shades of green the rose bush look and the small bits of brown will give it an extra little dimension. I'm looking forward to starting this one.

Now, onto the disappointment! I am a self-proclaimed scissors nut. I am collecting scissors and cutting instruments. I have 30 pair of scissors, a pair of nippers and two Clover cutters. That being said, I posted previously that I was hunting the the grape bunch scissors from Uncommon Scissors. Needle in a Haystack had the entire line! I was able to pick up and feel each and every one I was interested in. Unfortunately for me, the grape bunch scissors finger holes were so small that I could only fit my fingernails into them! (I would honestly think they were made for children if I didn't know better. Or maybe they were?) I may be a nut but I'm a practical nut. If I'm spending over $25 for a pair of scissors I want them to be usable. Therefore I was very disappointed that the grape bunch scissors were not usable for me. I then tried the sheep scissors. Nope, the legs stuck out at an angle that hit my fingers when trying to use them. (Scratch those off the list.) Then the primrose scissors. Those too had too tiny fingerholes. Then the clinging vine. Their fingerholes are not round. They feel weird on your fingers. I couldn't see using them because they weren't exactly comfortable for me. So all the scissors came off my list and I left the shop without buying scissors. Sigh I was very disappointed and out of sorts that I couldn't buy scissors! But after looking at my list I found a pair of Ginghers that I don't have and they're on sale at Joann's. Maybe I'll pick them up this weekend...