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Monday, August 30, 2010

August 2010 - Update

I have found 3 different patterns for crochet roses so the bouquet isn't going to be all the same. I'm thinking this is gonna be kinda cool! Ooooh, maybe I'll use it for the handfasting! That gives me about 13 months to get 2 dozen roses crocheted and tied into a bouquet. That makes it just about two a month. (As long as I have the yarn I can do 2 a day so I think I'm giving myself plenty of time.)

Mom's blanket is moving slowly as I keep tearing it out. I didn't like how the first pattern was going. Then I didn't like how long the second pattern was taking. This one is familiar and I know it won't take anything at all to get it done.

I finished the first bottle cozy! I can't take a picture of it just in case the person it's going to gets a hold of the pic. Don't want to ruin the surprise though. The basket is pretty much at a stand-still. As summer moves into fall and (I hope) the calendar slows down a little I can get a feel for how much I need to finish and buckle down and get it done. My sweater is at a stand-still as well and that goes for the other fun/scrap yarn projects too. (Again, the finding time thing.)

On the cross stitch front - the Model is going fantastically! I would really love to get this one done early and surprise the Designer. Blue Dragon Fairy is in the blob stage. (Just some stitches thrown on the fabric. Doesn't look like anything.) Of course, the first page that we were given is mostly background anyway. I'm taking my time because I know this one's going to take a while. The letter J has stalled. I think I'll pick it back up again after the model is done.

I picked up the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch and immediately started an ornament. Couldn't resist! So my rotation consists of Model, Blue Dragon, and Halloween ornament.

Now to wait and see what September brings!


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