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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been RAK'd!

I have been sent more than one Random Act of Kindness. Jillbeartoo sent me the next set of letters that I wanted from the M Designs Alphabet series. (Celtic knots) She sent the I/J set of which I wanted the J to make for my Mother. I want to do it in her favorite color (orange) and I've chosen Phoenix Rising by Thread Gatherer (silk 'n colors). Now I have to decide what color fabric I want to stitch it on. I have an abundance of white fabric but wouldn't it be striking on black? What goes with orange?

My second Random Act of Kindness came from Mtrl Girl. She sent a Victoria Sampler learning kit (I love those!) and my very first skein of Stranded by the Sea. After a very challenging weekend it sure put a smile on my tired face to see what was in my mailbox.

Thanks to two wonderful/generous ladies!


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