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Thursday, October 19, 2006

More progress

I've gotten quite a bit done on Model #3 as I try to pick it up every day or at least every other day when I have the energy. (My life and those around me have turned into a Soap Opera and it's been taking a lot of mental energy to deal with. Therefore I sometimes sit at night and just veg on the couch and get nothing done.) Also, there's a lot of one color to stitch in an area so I get one needle's worth of silk into it and after about 2 or 3 I need to put it down. But I am making regular progress on this and need to report to the designer soon.

On everything else progress is slow. Model #1 is at a stand-still until I get more instruction from the designer. Others like my dragon-cow freebie and Emerald mermaid only get 2 or 3 needle's worth of thread before I'm either bored (cow - large areas of one color) or overwhelmed (mermaid - still lots of areas to stitch and beads to attach. Where to go first?) and I have to put them down. But at least that's one more length of thread into that project and eventually they will be done. I'm certainly looking forward to another finish.

And speaking of finishes, I should probably talk about the 50 Project challenge. I think for me the challenge should be NOT starting any more projects! I have all these starts and some of them are UFO's and yet I'm starting to get antsy about starting a new project. So I think I should amend my challenge to not starting anything new instead of not buying any stash. (I have a pretty good handle on that since my favorite store closed! And the next good one is 1.5 hours away.) But maybe too hard for a serial starter like me. I need to think this over a little more.

Oh yeah, I started a new journal too. I decided I had a really good way of using this cute little book I got last Christmas. I decided that I would write down the date and which projects I worked on that day. At this time I'm not writing down anything else like how long I worked on each particular project, but I thought it would help me to remember what exactly I worked on. I've got at least a week's worth so far.


  • Don't fret Susan, I'm a dedicated serial starter too! You know what, just have fun with it!!! Yep, I have a ton of UFO's and WIP's but so what.....eventually we'll both finish them all (just don't ask for dates, right?!!!LOL)

    I like you idea of recording your work. You never know when that might come in handy and if nothing else, it becomes part of the living history that is you.....keep making your notes!!!

    By Blogger Sandy, at 7:01 PM  

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