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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yes, I've been sidetracked this week. Over the weekend I realized that my boss had his first grandbaby and I hadn't made a baby blanket for them. Now, I've pretty much made blankets for the people I've known that have had babies here at work (some who are no longer here) including grandbabies. And if I make one for somebody then I can't leave out another, especially here in my own office.

I have 3 bosses. Well, technically there's the Manager of my department (my boss) and he has a Supervisor that works for him, then there's my Manager's Manager. Of course we're all in the same building and I do whatever any of the 3 above ask me to do - work related of course.

So on Sunday I got out all of my baby yarn that's been leftover from various other projects and got started on a blanket. I'm pretty proud of myself actually. I used the stitch for the "4 1/2 hour afghan" and crocheted 9 rows each of purple, green, yellow, pink and blue in 4 days. Granted, it's a baby blanket so it's not going to take me a whole month to make. But I think the last one took me a week. I'm even more proud of myself that I just eyeballed the amount of yarn I had, settled on 9 rows of each color and had enough yarn!

However, to celebrate the finishing of the blanket, I started the Rhodes Butterfly scissors fob by Sweetheart Tree. I was going to have Violet Sect by the Silver Lining done for CATS to show Marc my over 1 work but I don't see his name on the vendor's list on the website but the Sweetheart Tree is there and this is one of my favorites. It's also a partially kitted gift I got from my secret stitcher that is long overdue in getting stitched. So I'm going to work on it this week so I can show my progress to Sandra when I see her.


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