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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm Done!!!

(Doing the happy dance...) I finished Castle at 12:53am 10/30/05. (I started him in August of 1993.) In my defense, I got frustrated with all the confetti and put him down for years at a time. But I finally got the motivation and determination to get him done. I'm actually quite proud of myself and getting him framed will be my Christmas present to myself. I was going to post a picture but it's not working for me.

As for the model, I was supposed to have all the stitching done and the last couple of bands is taking me longer than I expected. Even so, I'm plugging away at it and it's looking good. All I have left is the fill-in color on the last band. I understand that there'll be more stitches to do but I don't quite have those instructions yet. Another night or two and I will be done and waiting for the new instructions.

Model No. 2 - I have a section to complete and then I'll be waiting for the next set of instructions.

My witchy is about half done. I didn't get her finished for Halloween but I'm going to get her finished, then she'll be ready for next year.

I haven't picked up my linen basket liner in a couple of days. But now that I've got Castle done I'm going to concentrate on the models and current wips. I may pull Castle Sampler out of the neglected wip pile around Thanksgiving weekend unless I finish a couple of them up sooner.


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