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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 2014

Wow, so busy that I skipped blogging for 3 months! So here's how things went/are going... Stitch from Stash is going well. I think I bought one pattern in May for a little over $5. In June I think I spent around $10 for stitching stuff at yard sales. (I got a new set of scroll rods with fabric already on them! Plus a little more fabric and some threads.) This month I finally found the patterns I'm going to do for my office. I changed my mind about the vineyard patterns (although I could change back) but I'm going to do classic paintings. I purchased Van Gogh's Cypress Trees and Monet's water lilies on ebay for $16.98. (It was buy two, get one free. So I bought the two and got a Tiffany window with a tree of life for the freebie.)


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