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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stash Haul

Subversive Cross Stitch book
M Designs letters E & F
The Sweetheart Tree - Celtic Cross
Tokens and Trifles rectangular stitching shapes
3 pieces (small cuts) linen - green, yellow, brown
1 skein wool/silk
4 skeins Weeks Dye Works
1 pair fish scissors
1 pair 100 years anniversary Dovos in the "brushed" finish
I've had a couple of people say they like the designs in the Subversive Cross Stitch book so I may stitch those as gifts. The M Designs letters are for a gift. The Tokens and Trifles shapes are probably going to become bookmarks or Christmas ornaments. I'm not real good with stitching on paper (I pull too hard) but I thought I'd like to try these. The linen is for small designs or Christmas ornaments. I like having small pieces handy. The wool/silk thread was a "just because". Two of the Weeks Dye Works are going into projects already in progress and two were "just because". And I know I didn't "need" two pair of scissors but I wanted to add to my shaped scissors collection. I have storks, chicken, bunny, lion tail, Santa, "Mickey Mouse" (it's a cut-out that just happens to look like the silhouette of Mickey Mouse) and now fish. I understand there are also swans (but they're really tiny) and a butterfly. The Dovos I got because they're a 100 year Anniversary pair and I didn't have a pair in that "color". Besides, Dovos cut so nicely!


  • As for the not needing two pairs of scissors - if we bought stash just because we "needed it" most of the LNS's would be out of business. It's out duty as consumers to not let that happen, right?

    By Blogger Susan @ Real Girl Designs, at 3:33 PM  

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