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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A New Finish!

This is a reproduction of an antique sampler. (Obviously as you can see it says 1825.) This project took me 10 months to complete. I do have to admit that there was a month during the summer that I didn't work on it at all. It was the whole frustration of being in the middle of the project and bored using the same colors (green, brown, gold, and beige) over and over again. Also, my life got awfully busy and I was having some physical problems, mostly lack of energy. But that seems to have abated. Anyway, I'm very pleased that this project is done and on it's way back to the designer. For one, it's a finish and we all know how important that is. (Beside the fact that I get to check another project off on my 50 project challenge!) For two, I get paid! I'm looking forward to spending the gift certificate that I will receive. I think I need to update my wishlist!

I'm working on the next model and it's going quite well. This one has only 3 colors to work with, but I have other projects to rotate in when the colors bother me. Now I need to choose a Christmas ornament to start stitching for the ornament exchange. I just bought the October issue of Just Cross Stitch that has a really cool Celtic knotwork tree in it and a preview of the ornaments in the ornament issue. I think I'll choose one out of there.


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