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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mini shopping sprees...

I've gone on a few mini shopping sprees lately. One trip to WalMart garnered 50 skeins of DMC and the next, 100 skeins. (Just in case anyone didn't know, they were marked down to 10 cents a skein!) Apparently WalMart is no longer going to carry DMC so stock up!

Also, over the weekend I ended up at Kelsey's in Placerville. I purchased the October '07 issue of JCS, Hinzeit's Wine design with charms, and a set of Q-Snaps 17x17. The Q-snaps are a gift for my "2nd daughter" for Christmas. (I don't think she reads this, but if she does it's not a big deal. I already told her that that's what she was getting.)

That's it for now until I get my gift certificate for finishing the large model and then it'll be a trip to Needle in a Haystack!


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