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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Project Excitement...

I started a new project last night. I started a baby blanket for my boss' next grandbaby. It's crochet (I did buy a new pattern for it - but I should note that it's only cross stitch patterns/charts that I'm NOT buying during the challenge) and it's on the larger side because I started with a larger hook. Eh, I do that kind of thing regularly. Still, I think it's going to look nice. I'm using two colors instead of the single color the chart called for and so far it's really easy. It may take me a while to finish, but it's portable and I can take it with me. And if somebody else is driving I can do it in the car! Now I really can't wait until I get my new "yarn" basket. It's going to be bigger than the one I have now so I can fit more in it - patterns, hooks and everything!

Progress: I nearly finished my new tam, except for running out of yarn. The skein I was using had less on it than I was expecting. But I also found out that my tam is a little bigger than the last one. So I'm going to frog out about 7 rows and then start my "finishing" rows from there. I think that that's still not going to give me enough yarn to finish so I need to go buy another skein. But I think I'm going to do something a little different with this one. I have to go to the store to see if I can find what I want and I will post if it works.

On the cross stitch front: I put a few more stitches into Castle Sampler and Rose Arbor this week. And the models are coming along slowly.

That's it for today.


  • GMTA! I started a new baby blanket last night too!

    I went to grab some framing supplies for a gift, and I saw that baby yarn was on sale, so I decided to make a baby blanket for a coworker.

    Lots of happy for your new project.

    By Blogger Suz, at 11:33 AM  

  • Hi Susan! :)


    By Blogger Raphaelray, at 9:08 AM  

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