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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I joined the 50 Project Challenge!

The rules are to not buy any new charts (that I will stitch *eventually*), fabric, etc. until I finish 50 projects. (Projects can be any form of needlework: knitting, beading, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint, punch needle, etc.)

There is no deadline to finish the 50 projects, but the Challenge started 9/1/06. It will be a personal challenge to find out how long it will take me to finish 50.

Exceptions to the rules: JCS ornament magazine, any CATS shows that I attend, and after 1/1/07 I can buy any floss/beads/etc. for any project that I need these things for that I've already got in progress. I can buy fabric only for those projects that are on/going to be added to the list of 50 that I have not already kitted up and don't have appropriate fabric for. (I do have a bit of stash to search through before making a purchase.)

The List of Finished Projects:
Model #1 - cross stitch (on black fabric) - Finished 6/17/08
Model #2 - cross stitch (on hand-dyed fabric) - Finished
Model #3 - "Sarah Parr" - cross stitch - finished 9/10/07
Model #4 - "Then and Now Christmas" - cross stitch with some specialty stitches - finished 7/29/07
Model #5 - cross stitch sampler - finished 12/30/07
Model #6 - cross stitch- finished 4/5/08
Tam #1 - crochet (for a good friend) - finished
Tam #2 - crochet (for a friend) - finished
Tam #3 - crochet (for my sissie) otherwise known as tamoflage - finished
Tam #4 - crochet (for me) another tamoflage - finished
Tam #5 - crochet (for me) - finished
Tam #6 - crochet (for a friend) yet another tamoflage - finished
Scarf #1 - knit (for my daughter for Christmas) finished 12/06
Scarf #2 - knit (for my mother for Christmas) finished 12/06
Scarf #3 - knit (for my sister for her birthday) finished 1/07
Scarf #4 - knit (for my daughter's friend) finished 3/20/07
two horses - cross stitch (for a friend) finished 9/18/07
rose heart - cross stitch (for contest) finished 7/12/07
DragonCow - cross stitch (freebie)- finished
Simply Old Fashioned turtles - cross stitch (for friends for their 25th Anniversary) finished 12/06
Three Wisement Ornament - cross stitch finished 9/22/07
Dragon Dreams 2003 Valentine Dragon - cross stitch (freebie) finished 1/07
Ho Ho Santa ornament - cross stitch finished 9/22/07
Christmas Rose ornament - cross stitch finished 9/22/07
Hinzeit/Wine - cross stitch - finished 12/30/07
Frankie - cross stitch finished 11/3/07
Menorah/Hanukkah gift - cross stitch for friend - finished 12/4/07
Celtic Christmas ornament - cross stitch - finished 12/30/07
"Official Pain in the Neck" - cross stitch - finished 2/16/07
Papillon Creations/How Does Your Garden Grow - specialty stitches Finished Part 1 - 4/1/08, Finished Part 2 - 4/7/08, Finished Part 3 - 4/16/08, Finished Part 4, Finished Part 5 - 5/26/08 , Finished Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 - 10/12/08
Ink Circles/Celtic Mystery - cross stitch - Finished Part 1 - 4/23/08, Part 2, Part 3 - 8/19/08
Fantasy/Magic exchange (bookmark) Finished 6/1/08
Froggy - cross stitch Finished 7/25/08
UFO RR #1 - cross stitch Finished my part 7/23/08
UFO RR #2 - cross stitch Finished my part
A Sampler-ette - Finished 9/4/08
TW Castle Ridge - cross stitch - Finished 9/30/08
TW Futurecast - Finished 10/17/08
Realm of Wishes - Enchanting Lair - Finished 10/19/08
Stitchie Witchie - Brooke's Books - Finished 10/20/08

The List of Projects Currently In Progress:
How Does Your Garden Grow
Book of Ink Circles
Model - X's and Oh's

Contest Piece - cancelled/didn't make the deadline

(Forty Nine finished from 9/06 - 10/20/08.)

I may substitute some of these out for others that may catch my interest at the time or some others that I have kitted. No, all of these have not been started by the way, just most of them. But yes, I'm nuts!

(Note: I deleted Enchanting Lair Wine Queen because I do not have this completely kitted yet.)
(Note 2: I have deleted TW's 12 Days of Christmas ornaments. I have only started one of twelve and have decided to make that my next challenge.)

As of today (8/20/08), counting my finishes above - I have only 7 things left to complete to reach my 50 project challenge. I'm going to eliminate the following projects because I won't be working on them before this challenge is over. These will most likely go on another -shorter!- challenge in the future.
TW Dragon Rampant - cross stitch
TW Castle Sampler - cross stitch
TW Celtic Inspiration Band Sampler - cross stitch
TW Celtic Knot Bookmarks (2) - cross stitch
TW Rose Tree Wool Cross - cross stitch
Mirabilia/Emerald Mermaid - cross stitch
Mirabilia/Rose Arbor - cross stitch
Pam Kellogg's Christmas Mystery (2003) - cross stitch
Dracolair's Medieval Tiles - cross stitch
blue blanket - crochet (for my daughter)
Mary Queen of Scots bookmark - cross stitch
Fairytale bookmark - cross stitch
Medieval Herb Garden bookmark - cross stitch
Carnation Mystery Sampler


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