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Friday, July 07, 2006

Slow progress

I have gotten a little enthusiasm for my stitching back. I think. It might just help that I think I've got this sleeping thing under control. So I'm trying to work on this model that I'm having problems with. (I'm making stupid mistakes but hopefully that's taken care of now.) I just need a little more instruction on some of these specialty stitches and I'll be moving right along. I've also picked up Emerald Mermaid and Rose Arbor. And I've started something new - dragon-cow! I got it from a french website with lots of different cow freebies. Thanks go to Annette for finding it first!

I only got a little stitching done last weekend as I got an unexpected invite to a friend's house - I took it of course. This weekend will be another weekend of home alone/expected stitching unless something comes up.


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