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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


In the last post I noted that I finished Castle. (Yay!) Just a few days later I finished Witchy Witchy Wilhelmena. (Yay again!) I was feeling a little lost for a project with those two done as they were kind-of deadline projects. So I went ahead and pulled out Castle Sampler a little earlier than I expected. While I was inside my stash I found a Christmas Ornament from the 2002 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue that I hadn't finished. It was the Three Wisemen from Marie Barber. I decided that it was something that I could finish this year so I pulled that one out too. I remember why I put it down - it was missing two symbols from the color key. Yesterday I found out what one of them was from the TW bulletin board. I put up my request for the other color and hopefully my answer will be there today.

Back to Castle Sampler. I took a picture of where I had left off and started again. I remember I was working left to right on the castle part of it and I decided to change tactics. I'm going to stitch from right to left to get the castle finished and get more work done on the border. On Monday night I found where I had miscounted on the border! I figured I would end up frogging night. But it turns out that I didn't do as bad as I had expected. I was only one row off. Once I took that part out I was able to piece it back together and didn't need major adjusting! The Plan: alternate stitching on the castle with filling in the border. When the castle is finished I will do the backstitching while alternating on the border. This is going to take a lot of time because there isn't as much done on this project as when I picked up Castle. But eventually it will get done because slowly working on it is better than sitting untouched in the stash box.

Model #1 is funny. I get parts of it done until I get the next set of instructions. They have been short so I can finish it up in one night. I come back to work the next day, take another picture and send it to the designer. She then sends back more instructions of what to do next. I'm actually waiting now for the next email.

Model #2 is holding. Of the last instructions I received, I half finished those. I'm waiting until I hear from that designer that she wants to see it or has the next set of instructions before I work on it again.

The linen basket liner is coming right along. I finished up the design (farm house, two people, four trees and two sheep) that was 1-over-1 and I started the 4-sided stitch to make the lacy edging. I decided to make 3 rows of the 4-sided stitch. I've got one row complete all the way around and last night I started on the second row. Depending on the amount of time I allow myself to work on this - it takes a good 3 to 4 nights to finish up one row. I may finish it up this weekend if I have enough time.

And that's it for this week.


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