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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Progress at last!

I mentioned in my last post that I was broke and would be working on my focus project (Castle) over the weekend. Well, I made some good progress and I finally got a new picture on my photo album of it. I took a really good look at it the other day and realized how close I actually was to finishing him. (Castle is otherwise known as Percival the Dragon.) He's going to remain my focus piece, out of my own personal projects, until he's finished. Then if I don't flake, I'll pull out my Castle Sampler to replace him in my rotation and choose another focus piece.

And speaking of my album, I put up a few other new photos. I hadn't realized how old the pic of my mermaid was. I definitely made a lot of progress on her in the year since I took/posted that last pic. I also put up one of my M Designs "letter B", and I have one of my Futurecast. My photo album is acting kind of wonky so I need to do some research and hopefully move things around.

A New Model
To be honest and entirely truthful, I have an old model that I'm just sitting on because I'm waiting for the designer to come up with the rest of the directions. Note to self: take that one out and finish anything remaining - tonight! Then tomorrow take a pic and email it to that designer with a reminder that I'm waiting for the finishing touches.

Yes! A new model arrived in the mail last night. From what I can see it's a band sampler type of project with solid stitching on linen with silk! At least I've been given some good materials to work with. I was also given a piece of colored Aida cloth to work with. A "play with this and tell me what you think" kind of thing. I decided that I would do a "mini" project on the Aida - stitch the bands only through about 30 stitches just to get the pattern established to see how it's going to look. (I wasn't given the right size piece of fabric to do the entire model on.) It will look a bit bookmarkish when I'm done with that part but the designer will get and idea of what it's going to look like on that color Aida.

I will be getting more materials in the mail for this model as I don't think I've been given enough for what it's eventually going to turn out to be. I'm going to have to measure more than once to make sure I get this design in the middle of the fabric that I've been given. I also need to find out if the designer has a deadline for this project. This weekend will be good for me to get a good start on it, but with faire the next weekend and another one the week after that gives me two weeks with little stitching time. Then there's another faire though I will only be doing walk-about for one day - if it doesn't rain! Then CATS and Halloween which starts the holiday season. Hopefully I'll get lots of stitching time for the holidays.


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