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Monday, September 03, 2012

August 2012

I accepted a new model job because I thought it might be quick and it would earn me some good money in a short time. Unfortunately for me it was very frustrating. It was worked on a small count that I had a VERY hard time seeing. I didn't have anything with the right amount of magnification for me to see it really good. So I limped along doing the best I could. I got it done and sent it back and now I'm just waiting for my payment to arrive. The other model that I was working on is still coming along nicely. I now have 3 small bands and two large bands finished. I'm working inside one of the large bands now. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of September. The consignment piece has taken a hit time-wise and not much has been accomplished on it lately. That should change now this week. I was a little behind on the exchange project, but I got it finished and mailed within the time frame and it was received by the intended recipient too. She loved it! I felt bad because I didn't add any goodies into the package. I was just in a hurry to get it done and sent on time. I'll have to do better in my next exchange. The tablet case isn't getting much love. I expect to be working on that pretty heavy in October so I'm actually on schedule. I have a good portion done already so if I can get the model finished on time (my own personal deadline) then I should be on schedule. However, I have a backup idea. I have my eye on one in Staples if I find myself falling behind. FI thinks that's a great idea. I just started and finished a knit/crochet hat for my granddaughter. It's really cute and I still need to make the pom-poms to go on it. I'm not real good with knitting so I knit most of it then crocheted the ribbing that goes on the end. I think it's really cute! But we have to try it on her to see if it fits.


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