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Friday, February 08, 2008

On Jan 1 I picked up 1st Day of Christmas ornament by TW. I had already started it but was seriously going to try to get the set stitched this year. Who knows when I'll actually make them into ornaments! Anyway, it's now February but I'm hoping to finish this one tonight.

I have a gift to stitch but will be starting (and hopefully finishing) next weekend. It's for someone who's going in for surgery.

I'm still working on Castle Ridge for my sister's wedding. It's coming along well enough but needs to be done within 2 months. I'm not going to take it to Hawaii - she'll just have to wait until she gets home.

Still working on two models. I took one on because it sounded like the Designer was not getting responses to her request for stitchers. I get paid in stash up front so it's not a horrible thing. The other one is the old one on black that I'm really close to finishing. I'm on the last two bands and either by the end of the weekend (depending on how much time I get for stitching) or by the end of next week I'll have one band finished and really be on the LAST one. I've had this for too long and am really looking forward to sending this one back!


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