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Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Confession of 2008

This all revolves mostly around last night. For starters I was working on a model. No problem there, putting time into an obligation piece.

Then I decided to look around to see if I had an appropriate piece of fabric to start a new project. Of course, I had to find the first part of the chart in order to find the finished size of the design so I know what size piece of fabric I'm looking for.

In the middle of this I get distracted and decide that I need to inventory my scissors once again, and, with the names of the Gingher Designer Series ones that I own. As I search, I know that I'm not seeing a pair or two that are probably stored with projects that are somewhere in my stash. I know I've taken a picture of them at one point so I can use that as a reference when I get online. I looked today and have determined that I own 24 pair of embroidery scissors plus 2 Clover cutters! Yes, I am nuts about scissors. Yes, I can only use one pair at a time. And yes, I still have one pair still in the package that I've never used! One thing I need to research. Are all Dovos marked Dovos? I have two pair that I think are Dovos that have the same round stamp on them (declaring Solingen?) but they do not say Dovos. Of course I do not keep track where I purchase them so there's really no looking it up that way. I'll have to check my other source.

Back to the fabric search. I find the first part of the chart (it's a mystery that's being released in 13 parts) and determine what size piece of fabric that I need. I open my fabric drawer and look at just about everything I own. I find a piece that is too large but was purchased only for the sale price so I have no problem cutting it down.

The next part of this mission is choosing my own colors. It's part of the mystery to pick what you want. And one does have to be careful that the thread colors don't clash with or get lost in the color of fabric that you choose. I went into my thread drawer and pulled out a couple of colors that I thought I might like. But I didn't have all that I needed. Out to the thread box to sift through everything in there. I found everything I needed there and even changed some of my earlier decisions. Mostly everything I picked (the flower colors) is silk. I'm glad I have a nice supply to use. The design that I started is from Papillion Creations "How Does Your Garden Grow". I picked: red/Kayla's Rose - Dinky-Dyes, blue/Blue Lavender - Waterlilies, pink/Sophie's Strawberry and yellow/Lemon Souffle - Thread Gatherer, light green/English Ivy - Olde Willow Stitchery, darker green/Olivia - The Dye Is Cast. I haven't chosen the beads yet. I figured that I would see how it looked first and where they would be placed to make the right color choice.

Long story short - I started a new project last night. I feel guilty about it as I have a passel of other projects that have already been started and just need some attention. (Which is why I started the 50 Project Challenge.) But here's what I'm going to do. I'm easing up on myself as I have finished over half of the 50 Projects (an accomplishment) and a lot of the ones that have already been started are large projects. This one is fairly small and all of it has not been released yet. I will be stitching this one in spurts and hopefully once my obligation stitching is finished I will be able to pick back up on my challenges again.


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