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Monday, December 31, 2007

Three new finishes!

On Sunday, December 30, I finished 3 projects. The first one I finished was a model that I was working on. I can't post a pic or give details yet. But I'll put them up here as soon as I get the "go-ahead".

The second finish was the Hinzeit WINE design that I made for my office. Now to get it framed so I can hang it up there.

The third finish was a Christmas ornament from the JCS 2000 Christmas ornament issue - Moss Creek Designs "A 16th-Century Celtic Christmas". I had picked this one up and put it down several times. It's going to look lovely on my tree next year.

That brings me up to 26 projects finished on my 50 Project Challenge! I can't believe it took just over a year for me to finish that many. If it works out, I'll have at least 12 finishes next year with my TW 12 Days of Christmas ornaments challenge. But I don't want to just stitch strictly on those. I have a lot of larger projects that I want to get finished and some have progressed quite a ways. I guess I will have to wait and see what I can accomplish next year.

In the meantime, today is the last day of 2007. (Thank the Gods!) I'm hoping for a better year next year. Today I'm going to clean the house a bit to get ready to have friends over to spend the last of this year and the first of next year together. In and around that I'm going to pick up whatever stitching project that suits my fancy at the moment. Right now it's the TW cloisonne grape ornament. I've been wanting to do that one for myself ever since I first saw it. Why I've waited so long I don't know. Although I actually started it - over one on 32 count - and finally ripped it out earlier this year. It'll be one of those pick up/put down things but that's ok. Everything will get done eventually - I hope! :)


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