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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Been busy...

And sporadically stitching here and there. I find I'm getting interrupted or there are other things to do lately. Good thing I'm not on a deadline with anything.

I've been in touch with a couple of designers who are supposed to be sending me models to stitch for them but they're not coming in the mail. I'll give it another week then send a gentle reminder that I'm available if they want something done. It's not like I've got a super amount of stitching time on my hands - but I could sure use the payment! My household budget is stretched uber-thin these days (through really no fault of my own) and I'm having to deal with it. This stresses me out which leads me to running away from home for the weekend. Doesn't leave much time for stitching when you're running away from home.

And I've been jumping from project to project a lot. The one worked on most is Rose Arbor then a bookmark and a scissorskeep. Not much has been done on Castle Sampler but then I've picked up Emerald Mermaid too. I think I'll wait another week to make some progress pics. It's looking like I'll have another "home alone" weekend but I probably won't be going anywhere. (Unless a certain pirate gives me a call.)


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