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Monday, August 15, 2005

Another week...

Not much stitching going on. My body insisted on trying to catch up on my sleep and I was trying to keep the plants and lawn from dieing on me.

However, I started a new little piece. A couple of friends are getting married this week and at the last minute I decided to do a little something for them. They don't want gifts but I thought a little box would be a nice remembrance for them. I also need to get a card this week.

Anyway, what I started stitching is a heart shaped flower/viney wreath with wedding bells in the center. I'll put their names above and the date below. It's going to be simple but nice. And it's really small so I should have it done in one evening - making it a total of a two-day project.

Then I'll go back to concentrating on Castle and the other wips I've mentioned unless I get one of them done or I finally get a model delivered that I need to start on.

And that's it for this week...


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