Confessions of a Floss Licker

Monday, October 20, 2008

WIP's - Running list

It was great that I listed my Works In Progress/"things I've started" but I need a place to add more and delete the finished ones, or maybe put them in their own list. I can also keep track of their status this way. So this is where I'm going to do that.
So here we go!

Works in Progress as of 1/19/09:
knitting - hockey scarf (on hold)
How Does Your Garden Grow - Papillon Creations (working)
Book of Ink Circles Celtic Mystery - Ink Circles (working)
2nd Day Christmas ornament - TW (on hold)
Carnation Mystery Sampler - Wiehenburg (on hold)
Rose Tree Wool Cross - TW
Kaleidoscope Hearts - Sweetheart Tree
French Heart design
Christmas Mystery 2003 - Pam Kellogg (My UFO RR project)
A Bountiful Harvest - Pam Kellogg
Snowflake ornament - JCS Dec. '97
Fairies in Shoeland - Stitch World
Hedgehog - Countryside Miniatures
A Tug of Flowers - Needle & Frame
Celtic Hearts Scissors Keep - Stitcher's World Mar '05
Castle Sampler - TW
Celtic Inspiration Band Sampler - TW
Emerald Mermaid - Mirabilia
Rose Arbor - Mirabilia
Medieval Tiles - Dracolair
Dragon Rampant - TW
Rhodes Butterfly Fob - Sweetheart Tree
Violets - Silver Lining
Fairies - Needle Magic
Bacchus Bear - Vermillion
Egyptian Sampler - TW
Stretch - TW
Snowball Fight - Dragon Dreams
Mary Queen of Scots bookmark - Textile Heritage
Fairytale bookmark - Textile Heritage
Mickey Mouse (Janlynn kit)

Finished Projects (in chronological order):
A Sampler-ette - Eventide Designs - finished 9/4/08
Castle Ridge - Teresa Wentzler - finished 9/30/08
Futurecast - TW - finished 10/17/08
Realm of Wishes - Enchanting Lair - finished 10/19/08
Wine a Bit - Sue Hillis - finished 1/25/09
Stitchie Witchie #2 - Brooke's Books - finished 1/25/09
Model - X's & Oh's - finished 3/5/09
Bay Area TW RR - finished and returned 3/09