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Thursday, April 05, 2012

April 2012

I find it hard to believe that 1/4 of the year is already over. I'm glad it's over because it's been cold and it has actually rained a bit (finally). But I'm not a cold weather person so I really can't wait for the nice warm spring weather to arrive.

So here's what's going on in my stitching world!

The model arrived back at the designer's on Friday. She was very happy how it turned out. Did I mention it was for a trunk show? Anyway, she sent another project (this time a sampler - and she designed my initials in it!) and it's in progress. It's a good sized sampler (32 ct over two) so I'm happy this one is not a "rush". Although I'm not just taking my time on it. I'm hoping to have it back way before the deadline!

Crochet - I made 2 pair of fingerless gloves for a co-worker, and I got an order for two tams for people I do faire with. I got one of the tams done and I'm still working on the other. These are not rush jobs as I won't be seeing them until the end of the month at the earliest. But I'm going to present them as gifts as this couple is newly engaged!

I still need to finish my felted mary janes. They've been sitting since I felted them. I think I'm just afraid of wearing them (and getting them dirty) before the wedding. What the real problem is is that I don't want to tear apart the existing pair I have - yet again. You see I made a sample pair to test the pattern and see how much I would have to make them bigger to felt the pair I really wanted. Tearing apart the existing pair means taking out about 90% of each slipper to remake them. Maybe when I have a weekend where I have nothing to do? Ha!

I didn't like the finished product of the shrug so I tore it out so I could try a different pattern. Haven't started back on that yet.

Also haven't gotten any more work into my Snowball Fight. It's a timing thing with the model jobs I've been getting and everything else I want to do. I at least dug it out and maybe this weekend I'll get the fuzzy stuff I'm missing so I can work on the scarf and earmuffs. That will give me at least two times of working on it in the year of the dragon.

One last thing. I found out that Hobby Lobby is carrying the Thomas Kinkade Disney cross stitch kits that I've been wanting and I have a 40% off coupon for HL. We're going shopping tomorrow! Now to decide which one I'll get???


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