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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I have been procrastinating the starting of the 2nd Day of Christmas ornament. Well, no longer. I have started it and hope to rotate it into/through the rotation every other day or so. I would like to get the models done and sent back so I can concentrate on my own stuff - so I'm focusing on them.

I'm also not beating myself up over my sister's wedding gift. She's getting married in Hawaii and I'm not taking a framed piece on the plane. She can wait until she gets home.

Things are moving slowly lately. Reason: handsome man. I got a call on Weds. of last week that made a dinner date for Thurs. So on Thurs. I only had about an hour for stitching once he left. Then at work on Fri. I got another call. He got high-speed wireless internet installed at home and wanted to share. So I went to his place and ended up spending the weekend. I had a little time to pick up my stitching while I was baking on Sat. afternoon and then again after dinner while he was on the phone. I also picked it up on Sun. while he was doing his taxes. And then again once I got home. However, that was cut a little short by DD's car troubles - which will also be affecting my stitching time tonight. I have another friend who works on cars who said he'd come over and take a look. I said I would cook dinner for his trouble.

I should take some more progress pics soon.


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