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Monday, July 11, 2005

Weekend Stitching

I didn't get much stitching done this weekend, but I did find time to get a little bit in. I need to go to the TWBB and post my progress, I need to get a picture too.

Ok, the Castle stitch-along was this weekend. I've decided that he's my focal piece since I took him off the unwieldy scroll bars and put him on a set of q-snaps. Much easier to deal with! This weekend I realized that I'd finished the backstitching on the top half of this piece! This is an amazing feat considering that I've been working on him for so long. This has given me renewed determination to get him finished. As for the missing floss colors, well, I've decided that I'll pull them out of my stash as I come upon a missing color. As for reorganizing my kitted floss, I've decided against it. I realized why I put the floss in baggies to begin with. I hate rewinding bits of floss back on a bobbin when I have to take it off again in just a few minutes in order to blend one strand with another color! So I will just deal with it until I'm finished. Then I will wind the usable stuff onto bobbins that will go back into the stash. How long will that be? Hopefully much shorter than the first half took to finish.


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