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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stitching update

I was right. I can say that quite a bit actually. Not that I'm right all the time mind you, I have been so, so wrong about people in the romance department for example. But what I'm right about this time was the statement I made in my last confession about probably not stitching, yet reading.

I did take stitching with me on vacation. Didn't pick it up once. I had the opportunity a few times, but the first was oh so easy to just sit there and do nothing. The others, well, I used up those times reading.

The day after we got home I spent the whole thing reading. I had picked up the latest Harry Potter book and basically downed the whole thing in one gulp. But I made it up the next day by stitching the whole day. (That was Friday.) I also made it a point to stitch on Saturday and Sunday too. I've picked up my stitching almost every day since. Even though it's been hot to the point of being brain-dead in the heat, then I stand outside in the (somewhat)cooling night air and water all the poor plants around my house including the lawn which could only be described as "crunchy". (Seriously, I don't have automatic sprinklers and you can hear it crunch when you walk on it.)

So basically my stitching time has dwindled down to about an hour a day between the time I come in from watering and heading for bed. (Which means writing in my journal for a good 20 minutes before I even try to go to sleep.)

All the above long story made short, I've made progress on my Castle of which there is a picture in my webshots photo album.


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