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Friday, July 08, 2005

Stitching Status

Another week of very little stitching. It was a bit better than last week, but very little time was found. I worked on the letter "B" over the weekend and have since picked up Castle twice. I do plan to get in more time on Castle as the SAL is this weekend. It's looking better and better. I'm finding that I really don't like it on the scroll bars and plan to take it off tonight. I want it on the larger q-snaps that I have, but it fits Emerald Mermaid perfectly. And as I pick this one up and set it down for long periods of time I don't want to mess up the system. Maybe I should look for more q-snaps tomorrow. You see, I'm taking in my letter "S" to the State Fair for judging next week so I'll be in the area for the lns. Can't pass up the opportunity for shopping! Besides, I can get the last installment for my secret stitcher and get that out of the way.


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