Confessions of a Floss Licker

Thursday, March 06, 2014

March 2014

I finished the model on time, a couple of days early even, and sent it back to the designer. Now I just have to concentrate on one. This one might get a little hairy for getting it done on time as I'm not as far into it as I'd like to be at this point. However, none of my weekends going forward are booked so I have 8 days of 10-12 hours of stitching that I can look forward to. Stitching from Stash is going very well. I went to Hobby Lobby early in February and spent $2.44. That's way below the $25 limit. I'm hoping to not spend at all this month and with finishing the model on time (I hope) then I will reward myself with a new pattern. I've been looking at vineyard patterns. It's something I want to do to put up in my office at work. I've only been in this office for about 15 years with a blank wall looking back at me so I figure why not? Nashville Market happened in February (as usual) but somewhat surprisingly I didn't find much of anything I was interested in. New color selections from favorite thread vendors is about all. However, I don't collect much anymore due to budget constraints. If I had a project that I wanted to use them for then I would buy them. The Red Heart crochet along is coming along nicely as well. I'm learning new stitches and it's fun. Can't wait until I have a whole afghan to put together. I'm still looking for baby/toddler patterns. I just found one yesterday for a tank top. Looking forward to getting one started for my granddaughter! And last but not least, I got a lot of stitching accomplished during the stitching olympics. A bunch of WIPs got some love and a couple are now much closer to being finished. I'm hoping to enter something into the fair this year. We'll see how my progress goes... Update: After this weekend I can say that I'm around 2/3 finished with the current model! I may actually get this done on time or hopefully only one or two days out. After 4 hours on Friday, 6 hours on Saturday, and 8 hours on Sunday I needed a break. Then I worked for an hour and a half more. I may even take a couple of hours off work on Friday... Stitching from Stash is still going well. I've found a couple of patterns to buy, but I'm holding out for April. Not only for the Stitch from Stash challenge but for my budget. It looks like I will be getting a bonus so I have to wait for that $$ to arrive. Either that or payment from this model - whichever comes first! I have finished my capelet for faire. I think it's going to be good. I just need to buy a button and I'm done-done. Next I need to work on my Mickey Mouse skirt, tank tops for DGD and lightweight baby blankets for soon to be DGD #2. And last but not least, entering in the State Fair is not happening this year. I was asked last year to give them another chance and I said I wouldn't. Then I thought that if I could do something over one that it might impress the judges. However, I don't have enough time. Entries need to be in by April 25th and be on the grounds by May 16th. I HAVE to get this model done first before I can pick anything else up again. And I don't have anything near enough completion that I could finish in a month and still have enough time to get framed properly. And I just found out that the County fair is not happening so that's one less place to enter. Guess it's only the local festival again. But that's ok because I usually get a blue ribbon!