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Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 weeks!

I finished the model! I stitched from when I got home last night (a little after 4pm) to 10 pm with about a 1/2 hour break for dinner. I wasn't sure at first, but everything was moving along so quickly - and I finished it! Now I can take a breath and figure out what I want to work on before the next model comes.

A reminder on what I have going:
-crochet, reworking a pattern for a pair of mens slippers then making a pair and felting them
-crochet, figuring out where to add rows/stitches to the pattern for mary janes so I can make a pair to felt
-crochet, figuring out the pattern for a shrug and making 2
-crochet, time to start making baby sweaters!
-cross stitch, the stocking for Kaitlyn
-cross stitch, Harbor Vista
-cross stitch, Ghost Wool
-cross stitch, Blue Dragon
-cross stitch, consignment design
-cross stitch, time to start on my wedding sampler
-cross stitch, go stash diving to find a dragon UFO for the year of the dragon project


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