Confessions of a Floss Licker

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Finish!

I finished the model that I was working on. It was pastel colors on black fabric. I will post a pic after the designer has released this design. I'm just really happy that I've finished this. Now I no longer have any deadline projects and can work on something for me!

(Since my sister's wedding has passed I no longer consider this a "deadline" project. I'm not far from finishing it and will give it to her when it's ready.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm the new owner of a bulletin board!

As anyone who knows me and my habits at all, you would know that I'm a Rotation Stitcher. I have a hard time sticking with one project and one project only all the way through. I just get bored. With the design, the colors, whether there are lots of fractional stitches, confetti, or even large blocks of just one color. I get bored. So I move on to something that's totally different. I thrive on variety!

So when I saw the notice on the Rotation Stitchers bulletin board that the owner wanted to step down I thought this would be a great fit for me.

I'm passionate about my stitching. It's the second love of my life - my daughter is the first. :) I do believe that this is something I'll happily be doing until I leave this earth. It's very calming to me to put a needle and thread through fabric. There's anticipation and excitement starting a new project and the satisfaction in getting a project done. Not to mention giving a stitched gift and feeling the joy and appreciation from the recipient. (Especially giving something to someone you haven't gifted before. I gifted a friend for his birthday and he was quite appreciative of the time and effort I put into his project. He told me he thinks I'm quite talented and couldn't believe I did everything by hand including doing the framing myself.) :)

I also appreciate the historical aspect of it as well. It's a craft that's been handed down from generation to generation. I have taught my daughter how to stitch and my "2nd" daughter (child of best friends) stitches as well. I try to encourage them both as much as possible.

Honestly, I was very surprised when I got the response from the previous board owner telling me that I was the only one who "raised my hand" for lack of a better term. There are many in the stitching community and quite a few who are "chatting" on these bulletin boards. But I understand that everyone doesn't always have enough time to devote to something like this. If you're passionate then you make time. Which I guess is what I'm doing.

So if there's anyone out there who hasn't been there or is interested enough to check it out - I'm the new owner of the Rotation Stitchers bulletin board at Our focus is our stitching and we use the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. And I hope everyone continues to contribute to the overall stitching community.

Working steady

I have been making slow progress on a couple of projects. I finished my fantasy/magic exchange piece on 6/1 and mailed it out the next day. After that I decided to make the model my focus piece to concentrate on getting it done and gone. I've had some great communication from the designer and I think I know where I'm going at least.

Book of Ink Circles is moving right along. The silk replacing metallic change has been so wonderful! The gold fill-in stitches are much more enjoyable. After frogging the entire knot at the top I only shredded two strands of color that I had to toss and the re-stitching of the knot is going fine. Once I get that done I can move on to the filling of the boxes of which I'm behind on.

I'm also moving forward on Castle Ridge. I've started doing some of the backstitching so as to not leave it completely for the end. It keeps looking better and better. I'm almost to the point where I only have rocks to do. I do want to get it done so I can finally give it to my sister.

Other than that, I'm waiting for the next part of How Does Your Garden Grow to be released. (Early next week?) And I pulled Dracolair's Medieval Tiles out of my WIP pile to work on that one for a while. LOTS of fractional stitches on that one!

I'm trying to be good and not start a new freebie - the new one from Sampler Cove Designs. I just received a new skein of Waterlilies (12 ply silk) Williamsburg and think it would be a great fiber to use for that design. I already have Williamsburg in what I think is Watercolors (3 ply cotton). I know they are basically the same shade but the medium is quite different. I wonder if I could somehow find a way to use both for this pattern. It calls for 2 skeins variegated and 2 skeins solid. If I decide to try this I think it's going to make an interesting project.

Monday, June 02, 2008

A Shopping Spree!

There was a get together on Saturday at Elegant Stitch and I did a little shopping. I got: Summer 2008 Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly, a pack of beading needles, Crescent Colors Belle Soie - 2 skeins of Scarecrow and 1 skein of fern frond, Crescent Colors - Blacksmith Blue, Chili Pepper, and Weeping Willow, Gloriana Black Cherry, and Northern Lights Sea Blue. I also got a little freebie called Peeps.