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Friday, June 24, 2005

Stitching update

I haven't accomplished much this week. I worked on the Castle, Medieval Tiles, and the letter "B" though I didn't pick up Emerald Mermaid at all. I just couldn't seem to focus and I was all over the place. I did pick up my (2003) Christmas Mystery from Pam Kellogg and I was able to finish part 2.

And yesterday in the mail I find the package from my Secret Stitcher. I got two mini charts completely kitted up! I got Baseball and Dear Santa, both from JBW Designs. I love JBW Designs because they're cute without being overly cutesy and they're small enough to finish in a couple of days or a week at the most. They each came with the charm-pack and my SS included a piece of fabric and all the DMC and beads needed to complete the project. I also got a bobbin of beading thread and a clover cutter!

Everything is so wonderful that I'm going to take the package with me this weekend. Not that I'll find the time to stitch (I doubt it) but to look at and show off to anyone who wants to look. I'm doing that with Medieval Tiles and the letter "B" and even Futurecast.

I checked in with a couple of designers that I haven't done work for yet this year and asked them if they had some work for me. Yes, this was going to be the year of working on stuff for ME (after I finished up the models that I was still working on from last year) but it turns out that $$ is going to be short during these next couple of months and at least one of them pays in cash. The other one usually has small projects for me to do which get done quickly. She pays in gift certificates at my lns. So I'm thinking I can use those gc's to buy stuff for my Secret Stitcher. This works out great for me, I get to pay my bills and buy stuff for my SS without spending out of my normal paycheck.

That's it for today, see you next week.


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